What does NO OIL mean?

Almost all apparel brands use polypropylene and polyester, two synthetic fibers derived from a petroleum refining process called cracking. These are the same kinds of materials that can be found in car dashboards, plastic bottles, rubber pipes or cable coatings.

Such fibers use a nonrenewable resource and generate pollutants, as they aren’t biodegradable.

Dorando sees things differently.

We decided to say “no” to oil and we have chosen a No Oilpath: all our garments are made of natural fibers and fabrics that keep pollution at a minimum.

For our spring/summer collection and for underwear we use Lenpur®, a yarn made from white fir pulp, which is grown and pruned achieving a zero environmental footprint.

Thanks to this yarn, our products feel soft, fresh and light; they help thermoregulation and ensure a quick-dry process.

We make our tank top AERO with bamboo fiber. Bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial agent, the bamboo-kun, which is active over time. The fiber obtained from bamboo is anti-allergic, soft and has a pleasant touch, wear-resistant and resistant to washing.

Bamboo is a hygroscopic fiber which requires smaller amounts of dye. Its hollow structure makes is highly insulating and breathable so it quickly absorbs and releases moisture.

For the coldest temperatures, we chose a high quality merino yarn woven in Italy. The garments are extremely soft and warm, and provide natural comfort and excellent body temperature control. Its physical and chemical structure of this fiber makes the merino fiber highly hygroscopic, which enhances transpiration and prevents unpleasant odors.

The inserts, especially those in the most sensitive areas of our leggings, are made with Crabyon®, an ultra light fiber obtained from chitin - an extraordinary compound of natural origin  obtained from the  shell of crab and shellfish.

Crabyon® is anallergic and permanently retains its excellent antibacterial and antimicrobic performance, regardless of washes or abrasion. Crabyon® prevents skin from drying because its moisture keeping properties are higher than any other cellulosic fiber’s.

Choose Dorando if you wish to wear garments as natural, comfortable and high-performing as your running.


Why choose Dorando?

Because every single product of ours is No Oil guaranteed.

Natural, comfortable and high-performing as your running.