Running Apparel & Clothing

Dorando is an innovative running apparel & clothing line.

Every single product made by Dorando is cut out for running.

Entirely designed and made in Italy, completely organic and synthetic free, our garments ensure top-notch performance, comfort and aesthetic quality.

Our small - but big - revolution lies in the following: we are among the few in the world who guarantee 100% Made in Italy and No Oil products.

Dorando was born from a passion shared by three friends.

Antonio, Riccardo and Marco are the makers and the soul of Dorando.

Brought together by the passion for running, they design every single garment starting from personal experience, grinding miles and testing every single fabric on their own skin.

That’s why you can trust Dorando: all our products are designed by Runners for Runners.

Dorando is the name of a great Italian athlete.

We chose Dorando Pietri as the inspiration for our running apparel and clothing line.

The Italian runner became famous for his 1908 London Olympic Games performance, held on July 24th during the first 26.2-mile marathon in modern sports history.

In the final stretch, with slightly more than a mile to go, Dorando had overtaken all his contenders and was rightfully leading but, worn out by the effort, he collapsed multiple times.

The umpires helped him back to his feet until he managed to cross the finish line first.

Because of the help the officials had given him though, the racer was disqualified and had to hand the gold medal to another contender. Still, the account of his plucky effort soon spread worldwide and boosted Dorando into the history of modern sports.

Dorando’s story is our own story: we don’t run for a medal, we run to challenge our limits.



What is Dorando?

An innovative running apparel & clothing line.

100% Made in Italy, No Oil guaranteed, designed by Runners for Runners