Everybody knows that the term "Made in Italy" stands for quality, attention to detail and passion.

However, this trademark has too often turned into a mere claim and lost all its meaning.

Dorando sees things differently.

We have chosen “Made in Italy” as a genuine commitment, for we intimately believe in Our Country’s first-rate products and we want to support their makers.

How? With a short supply chain that can be followed step by step.

It all begins in Turin, where young fashion designer Elena Pignata’s atelier is based. Elena turns our ideas and suggestions into sketches that combine aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

Afterwards, the journey moves on to a handful of Piedmontese and Lombard manufacturers, where the highest local artisanal tradition meets cutting-edge technologies. This is how our natural, No Oilyarns and fabrics are created.

In those same places, every single garment is then tailored according to production cycles that guarantee both quality and excellence.

This way, our products finally come to life thanks to the contribution of many people who love their work and know how to make the most of it.

Choose Dorando if you want to wear garments made with the same passion and care you put in your running.



Why choose Dorando?

Because every single product of ours is 100% Made in Italy.

As natural, comfortable and high-performing as your running.